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In order to compete in the Japanese market as an overseas company, Japanese customer support is indispensable. At this point, we can provide a solution because of specializing in providing customer support by native Japanese.
Our experienced Japanese staffs will provide delicate support for your Japanese customers and this allows you to maintain good relationships with the customers, increase the value of your company and contribute to your competitiveness in the market.
Furthermore, it is possible to reduce expenses such as personnel expenses, decrease operational or financial burden, and improve your customer's satisfaction.
We can also help you with any trivial issues you may have in Hong Kong. If you need assistance in expanding your business in Hong Kong, we can always be around to support you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties not only on your business but also on your own problems. We will support you from providing the best suggestion to executing the best solution of your choice.

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FLT Limited

Outsourcing your secretary duties or customer service to us

FLT Limited is an outsourcing company based in Hong Kong.
We have an experienced customer service team and provide customer support and administration services by native Japanese. We prioritize courtesy to support our customers with affinity in a professional manner.


Secretary agency service

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Full Japanese customer support

All by native Japanese

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